At GailForce we clear, clean, fumigate, disinfect and secure properties that have been affected by drug-use, Hepatitis, HIV, syringes. Our staff are fully trained in dealing with bio-hazardous material.

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We strive to reduce the amount of waste that reaches landfill from the services that we provide. Whenever possible items cleared from homes are recycled directly via local charities.

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GailForce is more than just a cleaning company, because we don’t do what average cleaning companies do, simply vacuuming and dusting a property, we deal with extreme cleaning situations where people have, for a number of reasons, got in to difficulties with their lives and are often not aware what conditions they are living in.

GailForce can help with properties in any condition, you can see this from our photo gallery and, we can often make a persons life that bit more comfortable, when they could not see a way out for themselves. GailForce Staff are trained to deal with people who find themselves in these awful conditions and, does not judge people by the problems faced at their property, but simply and without a fuss just gets on with sorting out the property.

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