About GailForce

Under New Management

GailForce Services Limited is now under new management, however our cleaning team remain the same.

We are now under the holding of Focus Management Scotland Limited an SIA registered company, more information can be found here.

GailForce is based in Glasgow and largely works in the central belt of Scotland, but has carried out works as far away as Dumfries and Gourock, so we welcome enquiries from anywhere in the central belt.

GailForce was formed to provide specialist cleaning services, it does not aim to compete with office or domestic cleaning companies who vacuum and dust as their principle services, GailForce was established to deal with cleaning jobs that may other cleaners will not touch – and our photographs page will illustrate that – many pictures are not pleasant to look at, so do not do this whilst eating food!

Our Sales Manager Tracy will visit all potential jobs to discuss the requirements of the client, make recommendations as appropriate and provide a written quote. GailForce prides itself on being a rapid response company.

As a general rule GailForce will provide services to housing associations, local authorities and registered companies/organisations and in most cases offer a 30-day credit facility, however in certain circumstances we will offer services to members of the public, but payment on completion will be required. We have also provided sub-contract work to property maintenance companies.

We at GailForce, are passionate about our work and how we can make a difference to peoples lives and, whilst some people are nervous of allowing a stranger in to their house, with good reason of course, our staff will put people at their ease and assure them that we are here to help, we will not do anything they don’t want us to do and, the end result will be a more comfortable environment for them to live in.

Documentation & Certificates

GailForce has all the necessary public and employers liabity insurance to carry out its work.  Copies of these documents are available upon request.