Trauma Cleaning

Trauma CleaningGailForce has a team of well trained staff to deal with all types of traumatic situations.  We make it our policy not to judge the occupants of the property.   We have a sensitive understanding to each individual case.  In some  scenarios clients may be going through and still experiencing their own dilemma in dealing with the incident.

The products we use clean, deodorize and freshen heavily soiled floor coverings and furnishings.  It can also be used in extreme cleans to eradicate all blood and air borne and dormant pathogens. Kills all bacteria to the level of MRSA including Escherichia coli (E.Coli) and salmonella. Essential for anyone who has a compromised immune system or any Immunodeficiency disorders (low immune system).  We will work with all official bodies in these situations and to ensure that the property can be returned  to a clean, safe and hygienic environment as a matter of urgency.

We are fully insured to work at:

- murder/assault scenes
- blood and human matter spillages

As a registered waste carrier with the Scottish Environment Agency all waste materials are disposed of in accordance with current legislation.

At GailForce we provide a discreet and considerate service at ALL times.